Cafe Diablo

Innovative Southwest Fusion 

An Unique Twist on Flavor and Style 


Open for 2019



Nestled below the Boulder and Thousand Lake Mountains on the door step of Capitol Reef National Park in Southern Utah, Cafe Diablo offers a fresh and fun dining experience that celebrates the geological majesty we find out our own backdoor. Dine outdoors on our patio or indoors surrounded by paintings inspired by our landscape and the seed catalogs of the Early 1900's. 



The human tongue has roughly 10,000 taste buds. Our aim is to excite all of them! By showcasing local flavors and top notch ingredients, we create dishes that please the palate and the eye. We believe that a fantastic meal is made up of 4 key ingredients: 

  • A blending of tastes that delight and energize the palate.
  • A presentation that pleases the eye and intrigues pictures!
  • A pairing of wine, beer, or craft cocktails that compliment the dish.
  • Great conversation.

 That "WOW" Moment

It is our undying aspiration to make sure that you say WOW, when the food gets to the table. That you say WHOA, when you take your first bites, and that you find yourself saying  WITHOUT A DOUBT we will come back tomorrow!